What Now After The Climate Strikes?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I subscribe to the Earth Guardians email list and in one of their emails, they wrote a list of what to do after the climate strikes.

I then did a bit more Googling to see if any other sites have any suggestions and of course the official one, Global Climate Strike, has a good guide.

Combining those two sources, I’ve decided to share with you some of the points and also added a few for you and I to take immediate action on.

Here are 7 ways to continue your Climate Action


As we all know, CO2 from fossil fuels is heating up the planet. The solution is simple enough: remove the excess CO2.


Well people might have suggested this and that technology, but we forget that nature has provided the technology.

George Monbiot puts it quite bluntly:

“There is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little, and builds itself. It’s called a tree.”

Mind. Blown.

It makes sense. We’ve cut down acres of forests for industrialisation and factory farming. It’s like removing someone’s lungs.

Thankfully, trees can grow back, unlike our lungs. So all we need to do is to plant lots of trees.

…at least 1 TRILLION TREES.

Yup, research has shown that planting 1 T trees is the most effective and cheapest way to reverse climate change.

In KL, you could join organisations like Free Tree Society in their efforts to plant trees.

Otherwise, you could subscribe to Generation Now where you can give monthly funds for their restoration efforts.

There is also the Trillion Tree Campaign where you can donate a tree and they’ll plant it for you!


This is something that I’m only just starting to understand. Basically, it’s pulling out any investment that you make with fossil fuel companies, or companies that they themselves invest in fossil fuels.

So for example, if you know your bank is investing in a fossil fuel company, you pull out from that bank and find another that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels.

Another way is to keep pressuring companies who have pledged to combat climate change.

Facebook said that they’re taking measures to combat climate change. However, they are still taking money from fossil fuel companies in the form of advertisements.

You can help sign this petition to call out Facebook to ban all ads from fossil fuel corporations.


I also believe in individual action because it may inspire others to follow suit. And when multiplied by the thousands, it can actually be effective.

So do your best to reduce all kinds of waste including food waste. Basically, eat everything that’s on your plate and your fridge.

And when you throw away things you no longer need, make sure you discard them at their right place.

Better yet, make sure you don’t buy the things you don’t actually need in the first place.

Always ask yourself, “Do I need this? What good will it bring me?”


Researchers from Oxford University said that “meat and dairy produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and takes up 83% of farmland, but delivers just 18% of calories and 37% of protein”.

In short, eating meat is not sustainable.


Eliminate meat in your diet.

If, for cultural and nostalgic reasons that you can’t eliminate it straight away, reduce it gradually. Give yourself a cut-off date though because otherwise, you won’t actually eliminate it.

And as with waste, if more and more people do it, it would actually be very impactful.

We could stop the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest if we no longer demand meat.


Collective action is powerful.

Whatever your interest in climate change, find a community that shares similar values and work with them on their current projects.

If you think you want to start something different, go ahead and get your trusted buddies along the ride!


If you’re super into climate policies, this is what you can do, too. Keep tabs on your government, the UN and companies that concern you.

Be proactive by sending them emails, calling them, writing articles about them and tagging them on social media to make your voice heard.

They will hear you… eventually.


This is something each of us can always do.

Leverage your existing skills to help combat climate change and environmental destruction.

Whether it’s medical expertise, engineering, designing, writing, sewing, teaching, cooking… make your skills useful for the cause.

And of course, keep on learning about the facts and the social/economic impacts.

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