Vegan Waffle at LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

If I really like something, it’s hardly that I’d ever get bored of it. So when I first tasted LN Fortunate Coffee‘s vegan waffle with ice cream, I knew this would be my go-to dessert here.

I used to really like eating waffles with butter and honey, especially at this café called Waffle World. The way the butter melts on the hot piece of waffle and the sweetness of honey oozing all over was just divine. But now that I know my taste is not worth animals’ lives, I wondered where I can get yummy vegan waffles.

I was really happy to find that there are vegan waffles at LNFC! I like the combination of sweet & savoury flavours. Personally, I love the waffle with matcha ice cream. I’m obsessed with matcha! Good thing that it contains lots of antioxidants & nutrients so I don’t feel guilty indulging in this heavenly dessert!

I have yet to find waffles with vegan butter and maple syrup, but that’s definitely on my non-existent to-eat list!

On the plate: Waffle + matcha ice cream + blueberries + whipped cream

Honestly, this can actually be a meal on itself, as it’s quite filling. I could eat this around tea-time and it could still satiate my appetite through dinner time.

I’ve tried another version of the waffle, which is the black bean waffle with dark chocolate ice cream. It’s always a difficult decision to make between matcha and dark chocolate as they are my top 2 favourite flavours. At this point, I wish that I’m not financially strapped so I can have both when I feel like it!

On the plate: Black bean waffle + dark chocolate ice cream + berries + whipped cream

But good news! As a member of the Malaysian Vegan Society, I am entitled to a 15% discount!

I really like how LNFC has been so supportive of the vegan movement in Kuala Lumpur. They truly want veganism to be the norm here and I’m glad that they’re doing their part by providing healthy, wholesome vegan food to the community. I can see that the community is growing and I hope that one day Kuala Lumpur will reach the status as the best vegan hub in Southeast Asia!

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