VEGAN SCONES Tea Party (not a recipe post)

I just wanted to include this brief entry for memory-keeping.

During my social media detox, I rediscovered how precious memories are and that I like keeping or repackaging memories into blog posts or videos.

I looked back at my YouTube channel and found gems of memories that other people may not find value in. But I do. And that's what matters most.

So even though this post may not serve or add value to you, I'm writing this anyway for the sake of my future self.

For the times I would feel alone or hopeless.

Because there will always be times like that after a wave of happiness.

Vegan Scones and the Kindness of Friends

I was invited to a Christmas tea party by a friend whom I've only met this year.

Yet despite our new friendship, she was thoughtful and kind enough to invite me.

I was touched.

Clearly, it's been a while since I was invited to a party, partly thanks to Miss Rona.

I'm always rather taken aback by the lengths that one would go through to make someone feel good.

Perhaps it's because I'm always sceptical and think that every human is for themselves.

So I brought some vegan food so that I didn't come empty-handed and also just in case there weren't any satisfying vegan food.

But there was satisfying vegan food.

The host went out of her way to make vegan scones to accommodate to the two vegans who would be there.

I was touched, again.

They were also my first vegan scones, probably ever, as I can't remember if I've had any since becoming vegan.

And they were perfect.

I could taste the sweet silky vanilla essence.

I had it with jam and also the hummus that I brought. Why not.

The Picture I Forgot to Post Together on Instagram

Another reason why I had to publish this blog post is that I forgot to include this one important photo in my carousel post on my Instagram.

I did think about it but I totally forgot to include it.

I'm usually meticulous about what I post but it slipped my mind this time around.

Probably because I just got back on social media after a month of peace and my mind was struggling to adjust to the over-stimulation.

But there's always a reason behind every action or lack thereof.

And we need to always choose to see the bright side.

And the bright side of this is that I get to force myself to write this post, upload the photo, and reminisce in a year's time or so.

Without further ado, here's the important picture, the group picture, the picture containing some of the people who made my December 2020 memorable.