Vegan Potluck in the Midst of Pandemic 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

What do vegans eat?

That’s the question many people wonder.

It’s no secret.

Vegans eat whatever you eat – except that the food is 100% made from plants.

Be it cheese, sausages or burgers. There are vegan versions of them all.

I’m no cook, but my amazing friends can cook and bake like a BAWSE.

On a recent potluck event, we enjoyed foods like potato cheese bake, orange rolls and brownies.

I posted the pictures on Instagram and you can have a look here:

This was a small potluck as kind of a farewell to Nicole, as she’s leaving Malaysia and going back to her home in Kenya.

I appreciate her friendship and our conversations about culture, politics and everything in between. I’m sure going to miss her!

Anyway, I really need to learn to cook and bake more. Having grown up in capitalism, quick and easy meals are the norm. I’ve not really known the value of taking the time to “cook food for the family”.

But I shall learn.

I didn’t cook anything for this potluck. Instead, I had ordered 1kg mushroom rendang from Aisya of @mushroom.lah and brought it to the potluck. I know, I cheated. But hey, the thought (plus a tiny bit of effort) counts!