Vegan Nasi Lemak Beckham at The Good Co, Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

For many Malaysians, Nasi Lemak is a staple. It translates to Coconut Rice (Google would disagree with me), which is basically rice cooked in santan or coconut milk. It’s usually served with sambal or chilli paste, meat (chicken/beef), anchovies, boiled egg, peanuts and salad.

To someone not accustomed to the plant-based way of eating, Nasi Lemak devoid of meat would seem odd and perhaps impossible. But I can assure you, it is not impossible and if you get used to the idea, not odd at all.

I had wanted to try out the food there for months but never got the chance to. Finally, fate decided to smile upon me and I went to The Good Co. in Bangsar.

I’ve heard of their Nasi Lemak Beckham before and so without hesitation, I ordered it. It’s vegetarian by default due to the hard-boiled egg but I asked for the vegan version, which is without the egg and with extra tempeh.

On the plate: butterfly pea brown rice (not sure if they added santan or not), tempeh, rendang monkey head mushroom, roasted peanuts, cherry tomato, cucumber, lettuce, sambal

I was really surprised by the sambal. It was so tasty & spicy! The rendang didn’t disappoint either. They really did use all the spices to bring out the flavours. My mouth was in a fiery heaven!

Why is it called Nasi Lemak Beckham, you may ask? Well, if I remember correctly what the waiter said, it’s because David Beckham (yes, the footballer) came here once and tried the Nasi Lemak. He liked it so much that they renamed it after him!

(But then again, I may be wrong)

Mum ordered Quinoa Briyani Masala while my brother had Vegan Chicken Rice. Both were vegan by default.

The briyani masala also played on the spices so it tasted good. The vegan chicken rice had the monkyhead mushroom as well but it was marinated with herbs. See, the spices & herbs are the ones that add flavour to a dish, not the meat.

On the plate: tri-coloured quinoa with herb, bindhi, chickpeas, aloo gobi (cauliflower & potato), caramelized onion

This dish cost RM20.90, which I think is reasonable considering the economy we’re in. The portion is just nice for me, but not so for my brother who knows not the meaning of moderation :p

Oh and I washed it all down with a lovely cup of soy latte!

I would love to go there again to try other dishes on the menu, especially the smoothie bowls.

If you have the chance and are keen on healthy, veganized Malaysian food with herbs & spices dancing on your tongue, then you should try this place out!

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