Vegan Chinese Feast at I Mushroom Culture, Puchong

Mushroom Culture

In Malaysia, there are quite a lot of Chinese vegetarian restaurants if you know where to look.

As a Malay who doesn’t understand the Chinese language, I may not be as attentive when it comes to spotting a Chinese vegetarian restaurant.

Plus they don’t always come up on Happy Cow.

(Or that I don’t often check it, whoops.)

Thankfully, I have foodie friends who may come across vegan-friendly restaurants that I don’t know about.

Not All Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants Are The Same

Restaurants like Mushroom Culture may look the same on the outside (Chinese characters on the doors) and feel similar on the inside (red-coloured table cloths, plain walls and an overall orange glow).

But because they’re not a franchise, the quality and type of food that they offer may differ from one another.

For example, Mushroom Culture in Puchong has Fried Marmite Mushroom on their menu but the vegetarian restaurant Juz Vegie in Kota Kemuning does not.

The Food at Mushroom Culture

Suffice to say, we had a feast!

It was a farewell dinner for our friend Nicole and there were eight of us.

These are the dishes we had (all vegan):

1. Mushroom marmite

2. Yam basket

3. BBQ ribs

4. Thai style duck

5. Broccoli mushroom

6. Black pepper mushroom

7. Tofu

8. Lotus pan cake

I was most intrigued by the “ribs” – maybe because it brought up the years and years of eating chicken drumsticks and animal ribs. Yes, once upon a time, I enjoyed eating those. But with innovative vegan food, I don’t miss meat at all.

Best Eaten Together

The thing about restaurants like this is that it’s best to enjoy the dishes with people.

Ordering a la carte won’t really be worth it.

I guess that’s why I don’t often go to Chinese vegetarian restaurants by myself. I’d always go with people to get a fuller experience.