Vegan-friendly Food at Fuego Troika Sky Dining, Kuala Lumpur

I don’t usually go to a fine-dining restaurant.

If I do, it’s always a special occasion like my mum’s birthday last month.

We went to Fuego at Troika Sky Dining in Kuala Lumpur partly because we had not been there before (previous years’ venues included Nobu and Marini’s On 57) and partly because I was curious to try the veg options.

The Veg Options at Troika

Troika is a South American restaurant so you could expect guacamole and tacos.

They had a decent number of vegetarian options which I asked to modify to suit my vegan preference. Mostly it’s asking if they could do the dish without cheese (they could).

I forgot to ask about butter, though. I forgot that sometimes people may cook certain meals with butter instead of vegetable oil. I didn’t think about this possibility.

Fine-dining restaurants really do need to include more vegan options to eliminate any doubts.

Starter – Guacamole & Taco

The guacamole was perfect.

Though I can’t really say if it’s authentic South American guacamole as I haven’t had the privilege to experience the food there. But this guacamole was probably the best I’ve tasted so far.

I was a bit disappointed with the size of the Taco. I thought it could be my main meal but the portion was rather small (not like at Sala). Taste-wise it’s decent but not memorable enough.

Mains – Mushroom Platter & Spinach Hashbrown

At first, I only ordered the Mushroom Platter. But seeing that the Taco was rather small, I decided to get the other veg option on the mains section – the Spinach Hashbrown.

I loved the Mushroom Platter. Juicy and flavourful. Together with the Hashbrown, which was basically potatoes and very filling, I considered this a proper full meal.

Dessert – Fruit Bowl

Sadly, they didn’t have vegan options for dessert. Their sexy-looking churros weren’t vegan. It probably contained eggs or butter. As far as I’m aware, the original churro recipe doesn’t contain eggs or butter, hence accidentally vegan. But at Fuego, their churros aren’t vegan-friendly.

That’s the only dessert that appealed to me but I had to resist my urge.

Thankfully, the waiter was kind enough to offer a fruit bowl. It’s not in the menu so I was touched by their kindness.

Would I Recommend Fuego at Troika to Vegans?

If you have the means and are just simply curious to try out the guacamole, mushroom platter and hashbrown, sure why not.

Although the meals were delicious, I still couldn’t help but think of Sala – a Tex-Mex vegan restaurant in KL. Even though Sala is not fine-dining standard, the food is top-notch and at a more reasonable price.

Of course, if you’re going to a fine-dining restaurant, know that you’re paying more for the service and/or view.

Fuego is an open-air restaurant overlooking the KL Tower and Twin Towers, but one of the Twins was blocked by the Four Seasons Hotel building.

I don’t think I would go to Fuego again. As far as fine-dining in Kuala Lumpur goes, I’d much rather go to Nobu instead.