My Go-To Vegan Dessert At Sala, Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I don’t often indulge in vegan desserts. You’d think that as a young privileged millennial I would be eating vegan desserts every weekend, but no. The fact is that I live far away from vegan hotspots, I am not a good baker and I am broke most of the time.

Accidentally vegan chocolate bars or cookies easily found in supermarkets don’t count.

But when I do indulge once in a while, it’s always either a slice of cake, an ice cream, or BOTH!

Early in February, I had this super sweet Tres Leches cake at Sala. It’s commonly known as ‘Milk Cake’ where usually a butter cake is soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated, condensed and heavy cream.

I’m not sure exactly how Sala modified this seemingly impossible recipe but I’m guessing there’s soy milk, vegan condensed milk and/or coconut milk. And lots of sugar.

I’ve never tasted the “normal” Tres Leches but my friend whom I shared this masterpiece with said that it’s actually not bad and it’s meant to be this sweet. I liked that it was topped with blueberries, which balanced out the sweetness.

Since Malaysia is almost always hot, I decided to have the cake with a side of Kelava Matcha Ice Cream! This is my favourite flavour just because I like the matcha & coconut combo. All of the ice creams are delicious but Matcha wins my heart <3

If it’s not Tres Leches, I’d order a block of peanut butter brownie. And if it’s not Matcha ice cream, it’s got to be Cookies & Cream!

So you see the trend here when I order a dessert at Sala; it’s most likely to be a piece of cake with a side of ice cream, or sometimes two. I just can’t get enough of this – it’s just TOO YUMMY! I highly recommend this combo especially when it’s an excruciatingly hot sunny day!