V Kitchen Has The Best Vegan Curry Noodle

For me, a hearty wholesome curry noodle should be thick with coconut milk and loaded with spices without being too spicy.

Most curry noodles in restaurants are mediocre.

But the one in V Kitchen was just perfect.

It’s such a generous portion and the price was not more than RM15 if I remember correctly. Very reasonable. Super satisfying!

I wouldn’t have noticed this restaurant if Amira and I hadn’t driven past by it. Apparently it’s on Happy Cow and Raw Chef Yin left a good review on it.

It was quiet when we were there during lunchtime on a Sunday.

Amira calls the vibe as “Zen”. That’s the thing about Chinese vegetarian restaurants like V Kitchen. It only attracts a certain crowd and not the general population.

If a business owner’s intention is to attract as many people into tasting vegetarian food, they should take a leaf out of Hungry Tapir’s book.

Otherwise, a Zen vibe is fine by me!