The Thing About Changing For The Better

I lived the first twenty years of my life not caring much.

Well, that’s not true.

The only things I cared about were those that made me feel good.

Mainstream music, reading fiction novels, watching TV series, watching movies, buying new clothes, eyeliners and boys in boybands.

The fact that I grew up quite easy, that I could get practically whatever I wanted, perpetuated that me syndrome.

What the hell do I care about nature?

I saw it as dirty, muddy and full of mosquitoes. It did NOT make me feel good.

And the only animals I cared about were my pet rabbits (but only the ones who didn’t struggle to run away when I put them on my lap) and also the horses I rode on.

Total opposite of who I am today.


The thing about change is that it’s often preceded by a life-changing event.

Something unexpected and beyond your control happened to you.

You fall sick, you get into an accident, someone you love dies, someone you don’t know steals your belongings, you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

But sometimes it could happen because of something you did have control over, mostly a geogrpahical or lifestyle change such as moving out of your parents home, moving to a different country or moving in with a new spouse.

When I was diagnosed with a blood disorder and had to undergo a minor surgery, the whole experience made me more aware of what I put into my body and how I react to eating certain foods.

So I started to gradually cut down on junk food.

When I moved to the UK for studies, I met lots of unique individuals who either indirectly or directly helped me get out of my comfort zone.

So I started to learn to connect with more people and tried not to be a recluse.

When I had set out a path to better myself and live life more consciously, I discovered veganism and the impact of eating meat on the environment and the animals involved in the industry.

So I decided to cut down meat, increase my vegetable intake and soon enough I was not consuming animal products anymore.

Unlike Greta Thunberg, I don’t have Asperger’s syndrome, which makes her see things in simple black and white. But the way I have made changes has been on knowing (and wanting to know) about the facts and reality of life.

I still don’t know everything and I’ve come to terms with not being able to know everything.

But I started with the obvious.

If I want to live a healthy, full life, I shouldn’t put junk into my body and instead eat whole plant-based foods.

If I want to widen my horizon and learn about different cultures, I should connect with as many people as possible.

If I want to minimise my negative impact on this Earth, I should find ways to alter my lifestyle.

every little effort counts as long as it promotes positive impact


I’m not telling you all of this to make me seem superior or righteous. I’m far from that. I’m telling you this to show you that it is possible to change for the better even though the current situation is pretty much shit.

The trick is to kind of make an inventory of your actions. Be aware of what you put into your life as well as what you put out. If you’re not satisfied with any of your actions, find practical ways to create more productive habits.

It is going to be difficult at first. I’m not sugarcoating it one bit. But it’s worth all the effort.

To make things easier, you need to figure out why you need to care.

I’ve met many people who don’t care — just like I was once. And I do get sad because caring is the first step to change.

But I’ve also met many people who do care — they all have this similar energy of wanting to change for the better and believing that it is possible.

And that inspires me.

So I started caring not just because life-changing events happened to me, though they did play a huge part, but also having the desire to take positive action for a better life.

I started to find reasons to live a meaningful life.

And I believe you can find yours, too.

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