The Endgame Of Life On Earth

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Avengers Infinity War left us with Thanos (the evil purple dude) wiping half of the human population with the snap of his huge fingers a.k.a. The Snapture.

What if half of all life on Earth is actually wiped out?

Experts say that there will be a species imbalance. It may wipe out critically endangered species entirely while mosquitoes thrive. So it may not be a very good prospect after all even though The Snapture may not be as bad as what we are doing now.

The current reality based on the IPCC is that we have 12 years before climate catastrophe becomes irreversible.

Since 1880s (pre-industrial years), the global surface temperature has risen by 1C. 2018 was the hottest year yet and based on measurements, scientists predict that the temperature will continue to rise.

In 12 years’ time, it would rise to 1.5C. Beyond that, even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

This is what scientists mean by we only have 12 years (or less) to limit global warming to 1.5C and not go beyond that.

If that doesn’t sound like the beginning of the end I don’t know what is.

Read more here and here.


But we’ve done this to ourselves.

We humans are obsessed with “development” and “bettering lives” that we may have overlooked the things that we actually need.

Like clean water from unpolluted rivers.

Like nutritious food source not polluted by toxic fertilizers.

Like oxygen from trees that have yet to be cut down.

Yet we have produced material and chemical wastes that eventually end up in soil, rivers and oceans. We have depended on fertilizers to grow monocrops so that agriculture becomes more lucrative and not merely to feed mouths. We have cut down thousands of acres of forests to make way for factories and cities for a “more modern” civilization.

Has it all been worth the destruction?

I, for one, am appalled by what my species have done.


Despite the doom and gloom that tend to bring us into a downward spiral of depression and existential crisis, we must keep our heads up above water… even if our homes become flooded.

The Universe always has its way of trying to keep the balance.

Like tree roots in need of water, I now sap my strength from the youth around the world fighting against climate injustice and ignorance.

The Universe has shown us Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old environmental activist, who just last year sat down outside the Swedish Parliament, alone, with a sign “School Strike for Climate”.

This girl saw clearly what the scientists are warning us about but the politicians and most of the people are not doing anything about.

This girl sparked a global strike against climate change as well as the more than a week-long protest that’s still happening since the 15th April under the guise Extinction Rebellion.

If this is not Hope, I don’t know what is.



Take the time to learn about environmental issues. To simplify, pick one issue that may interest you the most and learn about it. You don’t have to go to a library or buy books. Just Google.

If you want the shortcut way, just ask someone who is already talking about it. More often than not, people are willing to tell you what they know. But always fact-check with articles or scientific reports.


Talk/Tweet/Blog/Vlog about the environmental issues you know. Telling more people about this will at least increase the awareness.

Don’t worry about sounding like a preacher. You know you’re right.


Once you have the knowledge, do something about it. You can start by reducing certain actions like the usage of single-use plastic items and eating meat. Then, you can give those up altogether and instead adopt a low waste lifestyle that includes reusing items, composting food scraps and using public transport.

Remember, every little action counts!

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