The Earthy Life Eco Vegan Skincare

I rarely splurge nowadays but when I do, it’s either on vegan food or eco-friendly products.

This time, it’s the latter.

I noticed the account on Instagram a few months ago and I fell in love with their values and aesthetics.

It’s great to know a brand that’s vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. I understand how tough it is to do a properly sustainable business but with lots of passion, determination and effort, it can be done.

Learning about their values, how they produce their products and package them, how they present themselves online, and how their customers are giving positive feedback, The Earthy Life seems to have proven their worth.

Now, I’m supporting them with my dollar (or ringgit).

This is a local brand selling skincare and essential products using 100% natural and organic ingredients that are entirely plant-based with all of their products containing at least one flower, plant, herb or all three. They also aim to be sustainable or eco-friendly by making their products in small batches and packed in recyclable packaging.


RM 79.00

The rose scent is just lovely. I don’t need much of it when putting on my face. I do need to get used to the creamy texture because before this I used a water-based moisturiser. The first time I used the rose glow cream, it felt buttery and oily, most probably because of the shea butter. I realised it stayed “oily” (for a lack of better word) throughout the day. I guess the effect is actually “moisturizing”. I felt good overall and even after washing my face at the end of the day, I could still feel moisturised. It seemed like the product seeped into my skin. At least I didn’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals entering my pores!


RM 48.00

It was messy from the get-go but that’s the nature of powders! It’s quite a refreshing change from the usual paste but I won’t normally prefer it, especially if I were to travel. The main reason why I wanted to try their toothpowder (now they sell in paste) was because of the ingredient miswak. I’ve always wanted to try using miswak as the twig itself but I have not found one locally, so this was the best I could get. The charcoal gives the black colour that might seem scary when you brush your teeth with the product but I swear it does brighten the teeth. It also has a very subtle sweet taste.


RM 10.00

Since I was buying the toothpowder, I might as well buy the toothbrush. Besides, it was time to change my old one. I chose the flat-handled toothbrush because it was cheaper than the round-handled one. I don’t know why there’s a price difference but I’m guessing that the round ones require more bamboo to make. I’m not fussy about shapes, but I am rather a cheapskate when it comes to practicality. It does the same job anyway.

Things to Note

If you purchase a total of RM 200 or above, you’ll get free shipping. In my case, I had to pay RM 12 for shipping because I couldn’t spend more than what I needed. But I got a 10% discount as I bought it around Deepavali time. So if you can wait, I’d suggest you keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram for upcoming promotions, usually around a holiday time.

The Earthy Life doesn’t have a physical store so it’s all online, but they do stock up some of their items at a zero waste store (as far as I know). The main reason I don’t usually buy things online is because the packaging may be loaded with plastic. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about this because as stated in their website, the packaging is all recyclable.

The items were wrapped in brown paper tied with twine or in a brown box (in the case of the toothbrush). Those items were placed in a cardboard box which was filled with strings of straws (think a nicer version of hay) and also dried flower buds for scent. The box was wrapped in brown paper, secured with kraft paper tape which is a water-activated tape also known as gummed tape. The recipient information was stuck on the wrapped box with kraft tape. The only thing that’s probably not recyclable (and maybe sadly unavoidable) was the postal sticker that said “FRAGILE” unless the sticker was somehow biodegradable as well but I’m not sure about that.

What I’d Like To Get Next

I’d really like to try more of their Rose Glow range i.e. serum, scrub, toner and masque.

The bamboo toothbrush case would be nice too for when I travel.

And as I’m gradually eliminating plastic in my life, perhaps I’d try the Ghar Aleppo Soap.

I just wish that they have a physical store nearby or a convenient way that I could somehow replenish the hydration cream and toothpowder/paste so that I could reuse the jars and not have to add on to the collection. I know that The Hive Bulk Foods (a zero waste store) stock up their products but The Hive is a bit far from where I live. But I guess I just have to make the once in a blue moon trip when I need to replenish.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that this truly conscious brand exists in Malaysia.


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