Trekking Taman Tugu Trail Kuala Lumpur | VIDEO

Just a week before the second lockdown in Malaysia, I got to hike at Taman Tugu Trail with my cousin. This sanctuary in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city was a nice short getaway from the madness of life.

This was considered an easy hike. But fair warning, towards the exit the climb was a little bit steep and I was rather out of breath.

Unlike most other forests, this one does not have a peak. It's just a trail through secondary forest.

Inside, you'll meet some insects, spiders and their beautiful webs, and possibly a chicken.

Yes, I saw a chicken walking across the trail and into the bushes. I think it might have strayed from the nearby nursery.

If you want to get away for a bit and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature, Taman Tugu Trail would be perfect for a short and easy trek.