Taco Tuesday at Sala KL Vegan Restaurant | Malaysia

Having lived as a vegan in Malaysia for 4 years now, I can say that Sala KL Vegan Restaurant is my favourite vegan restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. To be fair, there are not many fully vegan restaurants here. But that makes choosing a favourite a lot easier.

Why I LOVE Sala? Simply because of the quality of food, the variety of options and the friendly staff who provide great service.

Taco Tuesday Treat

My friend and I went to Sala a few days before New Year's 2021. It was a Taco Tuesday, so we could enjoy two tacos for the price of one.

We both wanted the BBQ Pulled Jackfruit so we ordered two of that.

You could order two different tacos, cut each into half, and share with your friend. But I'd recommend you to devour one taco each to avoid the hassle and enjoy the complete satisfaction of eating one full taco.

We also ordered a Nourish Bowl to share because we both live an active lifestyle and needed the energy. Suffice to say, one taco wasn't enough.

You can choose from a list of options what you want to put in your nourish bowl. We recommend including the mushroom asada. Your tastebuds will thank you.

And of course, dessert!

I can never leave Sala without having their Brownie a la Mode i.e. peanut butter brownie with Kelava ice cream on top.

This has been a thing as far as back as 2018 when I wrote this post.

What's my favourite ice cream flavour to eat with the brownie? Matcha, of course.

The Friendly Service at Sala

When living in the UK, I noticed that the waiters there were all always very friendly and attentive.

After a few minutes of receiving your food, they would ask how you're enjoying it. Once you have finished your main meal, they would ask if you'd like desserts or anything else.

This may seem a small gesture, but the impact is huge. You feel cared for. You feel good. And that's what good human service is.

In Malaysia, that kind of service is extremely rare.

Despite all the good things one hears about Malaysia like "the people are friendly", in actual practice, or at least in the service industry, that doesn't really translate very well.

It's the lack of attention to detail and the willingness to follow up or give more than is required.

And I think that pretty much sums up the current culture.

Sala, however, is different.

My friend and I were rather surprised by the improved service since last we were there.

The waiter had a friendly countenance and they checked up on us every now and then.

I felt like I was back in the UK for an instant. I never realised how much I missed the small but significant interactions I've had with servers. And it's not even flirting as one might assume.

It's just being friendly and acknowledging each other beyond that of server and customer.

We appreciated that so much at Sala and enjoyed our time there.

If you are planning to visit Sala for the first time, take a look at my top 5 food recommendations at Sala KL — I hope this will help you decide!