Experiencing Raw Vegan Food with Raw Chef Yin

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It’s probably safe to say that we’ve all eaten raw food before.


Have you been cooking all your fruits and salad then?

I rest my case.

Okay, I’m guessing when you imagine raw food you’d think about either grass or those fancy fine-dining shit.

Or you didn’t imagine anything and now thinking where the heck am I going with this.

Well, I just want to say that I’ve experienced raw food in both the forms of grass salad and fine-dining.

Yay to me!

Since salad is normal, let’s get on with the fiiinneee dining.


On the 2nd of March 2019, there was a raw vegan pop-up dinner hosted by Fittie Sense, Chef Tina Barrat and Raw Chef Yin.

The Golden Night Supper Club.

It sounds like an exclusive 1920s speakeasy club.

Well, I did feel exclusive. When and where else can you be served cashew cream cheese and fragrant flowers?

Here’s a video of my experience with a review towards the end.

I’d like to point out that after attending this dinner, I can truly understand the hard work it took to prepare such marvellous creations. The price of RM240 per person might have put people off but I’d say that if you ever get this chance, take it. You’ll meet different kinds of people and experience raw vegan at its finest!


Exactly 2 weeks later on the 16th March, I attended another event hosted by Raw Chef Yin.

(I’m her #2 fan) (Az took the first spot, sobs)

This was a raw food demo of her latest creation – Raw Totoro Onigiri.

It fascinates me that Raw Chef Yin can come up with such a unique creation made of only raw or uncooked ingredients.

Mind. Blown.

In case you’re wondering, Totoro is a Japanese animated character known for its cute-ness. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball dish.

Find out what its made of in this video here:

The whole workshop was pretty chill. You could literally interject and ask questions or pose comments.

Beware though, Raw Chef Yin might make a joke once or twice!

If your attention span is super short anyway, fret not. She also gives out the recipe for the attendees to try at home.

I’d highly recommend you to attend any of Raw Chef Yin’s workshops especially if you’re interested or curious about raw vegan food. She presents herself clearly with the confidence of someone who has found her calling in life.


I’m pleased to inform that this particular workshop has gone international! Chef Yin has just conducted this Totoro Onigiri demo at the Perth Vegan Expo last weekend. I’m so happy for her!

With the effort she is putting in, I’m sure more amazing opportunities will come by. She’s such an inspiration to me personally and I’m grateful for her support. I hope she’ll continue to educate people about raw vegan food and spark change in people’s lives.

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