Plant-based at Thursdvys (Hijau Kuala Lumpur)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

vegan toast thursdvys

Less than two years ago, Thursdvys was a typical “hipster café” that served coffee (without plant milk options), some other non-vegan food and wifi.

Now, it serves coffee with soy milk option (add on RM2), has a range of vegan options named “Hijau” (green in Malay), and good ol’ wifi.

I’m not sure if it’s the owner or someone else that they’re partnering with who came up with the relatively new vegan range but boy, I’m happy!

Not that I go to this café often — it’s not near where I live and parking is a hassle.

But just knowing that a “typical” local café has the courtesy to serve vegan options to cater to different groups of people gives me hope.

Brunch on Thursday at Thursdvys

I like irony.

I suggested to a friend to meet at Thursdvys on a Thursday and she agreed. It wasn’t exactly deliberate but it felt right.

So Thursday at Thursdvys it was!

When my friend and I got there (after going two rounds in search of parking), I ordered soy latte. I must say it was a delicious cup of soy latte. I’m not a hardcore coffee person but I can somewhat tell what good coffee is. And this was good coffee.

vegan soy latte

After half an hour of sipping and chatting, I decided it was time to eat.

Although they have more than two vegan options, they don’t serve it at all times. There were only two meals in the afternoon and a few more in the evening. The heavier ones like mac & cheese and carbonara are only served in the evening (sadly).

But it’s okay, it meant that I didn’t really have to choose.

It was either the toast or tomato soup.

I went with the toast.

vegan thursdvys

HIJAU TOAST sourdough toast + edamame hummus + seaweed + plant based cheese + mushrooms + cherry tomato

It certainly looked fancy.


I’d say it’s a semi-filling meal.

I liked that they were generous with the edamame hummus, mushrooms and tomatoes on the toast.

I’m not too sure about the ‘cheese’ though. It didn’t taste like cheese as I remembered it but somehow it just worked well with the toast.

As for the portion in relation to the price, I’d like it if it were bigger, or add one more toast.

(But then again, they give out free wifi so I guess it’s justifiable.)

By the end of it, I was satisfied. Perhaps the conversation with my friend made it more palatable than it actually was.

I’d Like to Try Thursdvys Hijau Mac & Cheese

The best vegan Mac & Cheese I’ve tried so far is by my friend, Diorene.

So I’m curious to try Thursdvys’ Mac & Cheese. The picture on Instagram looks tantalizing. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Inclusive and Considerate Business Owner

All business owners should take a leaf out of Thursdvys’ founder’s book.

Yes, it may be a tad bit more costly to supply soy or almond milk and plant-based cheese but if your values are that of justice, you’d provide a range of products/service/food that is a bit more inclusive.

I may be vegan by choice but there are people who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to certain kinds of food.

They may want to live as normal a life as possible, to hang out with their friends at local cafes. But if there are no options for them to enjoy, they might feel a bit left out.

So it’s your call, dear café owners.

Do you want to expand your customer base by going a little bit out of your way or just keep to business-as-usual?