My Thoughts On Belonging To No One Place But Nature

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Oftentimes, I feel like my voice doesn't hold much weight because I've grown up privileged.

I'm not from Sabah or Sarawak whose people may feel like their rights are neglected.

I'm not a third culture kid who may feel like they don't belong anywhere or to just one place.

Although I'm ethnically Malay, I don't believe that I act/think/feel like a typical one (however a typical Malay is supposed to be).

And although Malaya was colonised by the Brits, I admire their culture, history and language so much so that i've considered myself an anglophile (shoutout to those who read Austen, Bronte, Dickens before they turned 15).

The history of my ancestors were tied to colonialism.

But my personal history has no war with any one entity (except the corrupt) nor does it have any strong association with any one nation.

Rather, it has a strong connection with Planet Earth—the nature, the creatures.

☆ My living being is beyond borders ☆

While I understand that we humans tend to gravitate towards our own "tribe", my eyes are also opened enough to see that the land we live on has no actual borders and that "tribes" can be found in more than one geographical space.

☆ We live by ideologies and beliefs ☆

Despite holding on to our belief system, we've evolved to be smart enough to make decisions based on facts and reason.

Well, at least some of us have...

But despite all the facts and reason, we can never part from our human nature.

We'd always want to defend what's ours and live a better life (whatever that may be).

So i hope that we use our fiery passion towards defending our environment against corruption, help those in need and move towards a regenerative way of living so that we may continue to experience the beauty that nature and life has to offer.


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