I React to Malaysia's Budget 2021 Survey

The Malaysian government is releasing their Budget 2021 on November 6.

To gauge people's opinions, they made a survey for us to choose which issues matter to us most.

I find it rather silly that we had to choose among various important issues.

So I think it's either they would really take our voices into consideration when allocating the budget or that this is just a gimmick to show as if they care about our opinions.

Out of a whim, I decided to complete this survey on camera as a reaction video—the first of its kind on my channel.

I just hope that they have enough budget to sort out Malaysia's multitude of issues.

Special Focus On Sustainability Agenda

According to this news article, the Prime Minister said that we need to focus more on green technology which play a vital role in driving the economy.

On one hand it's great that they're thinking we should focus more on sustainability, but on the other hand it still seems like it's with the agenda of increasing the GDP.

Lockdowns across the world made us reflect, made us think and we started to realise that we need to change our ways.

Awareness is definitely the first step towards change, bravo. I'd suggest practising the 6Rs—Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycling, Rot. And eat a plant-based diet.

We need to rethink our relationship with the planet and we need to build back better.

Stop cutting down forests, will you? If you really do want to build back better, start repairing the damage done towards our forests and connect the main wildlife range area so that our tigers and elephants can roam about freely. Oh and be stricter with your punishment towards wildlife traffickers. Give us a solid environmental education throughout primary AND secondary school.

The Government Knows The Severity Of Climate Change

They know.

We probably know too.

But because we're in a capitalistic system that values economic growth and not environmental protection, our progress for climate action is rather slow.

I mean I don't have to look far. I can look in the mirror and know that I've not done enough.

But the thing about climate action is that individual effort can never be enough. There needs to be a mass effort. You, me and the rest of the people need to be on the same page.

Sadly, many of us are not even on the same book.