La Zat Vegan Grill Party

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Satay. Kebab. Otak-otak. Rendang. Sambal Goreng. ALL VEGAN. ALL YOU CAN EAT.

You have no idea how much those words can excite me, a vegan and a Malay. They’re like music to my ears!

When I found out about La Zat Grill & Opening Party, I was like “That’s it, just take my money! I’m coming!”

It was a soft launch of a restaurant that serves all-vegan Malay cuisine. It’s one-of-a-kind here in Malaysia (or at least in Kuala Lumpur) and I’m so excited for them! As their restaurant was still under renovation, the party was held at Halaman Boutique, a guesthouse with open space perfect for a barbecue party.

I recorded my experience that day including the first taste of the grilled food. So get your tea and biscuits ready and enjoy the video!

See, it is possible to have a BBQ party without the expense of any animals’ lives!

Here’s my brief review after digesting it all:


SATAY – This is basically mock meat presumably made of soy. The texture was soft and slightly chewy, unlike the hard and fatty texture that we’re used to. But I didn’t mind as no animals were put on the grill.

JACKFRUIT SATAY – Now this is what, in my opinion, we should aspire to. It’s a brilliant creation by Davina who used the good ol’ jackfruit and grilled it to perfection. It was interesting to taste the juiciness from it and I really liked it. I personally think that this should be the next step from mock meat, but as Malaysians are virgins of the plant-based diet, I guess it would take some time before we get to that level. But please, prove me wrong.

KEBAB – Although it’s mock meat like the satay, I prefer this as it had the smoky kebab taste. Not sure what spices they used but it’s definitely a familiar flavour. The pineapple goes very well with this!

GRILLED TEMPEH – Let’s be honest, what can go wrong with tempeh? As expected, it tasted great! ‘Nuff said.

OTAK-OTAK – Now this! THIS! IS! THE! BOMB! DOT! COM! Who would’ve thought that this is made of sweet potato?? I think sweet potato isn’t given enough credit. You can do so much with it and so easily! But anyway, back to otak-otak. My reaction in the video says it all. I loved it. My mum (not vegan) loved it. I wish it’s served at all Malay restaurants like it’s a normal thing.

KUAH KACANG – A recipe by Davina and Hilmi’s mum (I think?). This peanut sauce is modifiable so you can perfect it to your taste. It’s amazing! You have to eat this with all of the above and everything would taste 100x better!


RENDANG – This is the people’s favourite. It’s quite spicy but it’s not very spicy that I can’t handle it. And my spicy tolerance level is medium, I’d say. But yeah, eat it with rice, nasi impit or even bread. It’ll transport you to all Hari Raya moments!

LEMAK LODEH – This is my favourite out of their 3 main dishes. I guess I’m a coconut person so this humble dish suits my taste buds pretty well. Plus there are lots of vegetables and tofu so that’s always good. Frankly, you can just eat this with rice and a bit of soy sauce and your meal is complete.

SAMBAL GORENG – Don’t be intimidated by the colour. It’s honestly not very spicy, at least not as spicy as the rendang. It’s cooked with vegetarian prawns, tempeh and long beans. Like the lodeh, you can eat this with rice and you’ve got a complete meal!

Highly Recommend!

For all of the above and enjoying with such wonderful people, I had only to pay RM50 (~$12)!

And I’m not just saying it. Even my mum, who is not vegan, approved of the tastiness of the food, especially the rendang and otak-otak!

Thank you for existing, La Zat! xxx

From left: the founder of La Zat, Hilmi, DavinaBenny, and myself.

PS Thanks to Suba for the photos!

Update (October 2020): LaZat is no longer in operation in Malaysia :(