Kubis and Kale: Vegan Falafel & Tempeh Healthy Bowls

I currently live literally 10 minutes away from Kubis and Kale but I've only had the chance to visit this cafe recently.

Honestly quite satisfied with the food!

What food does Kubis and Kale serve?

It's like The Fish Bowl where they serve healthy bowls. Kubis and Kale is not a vegetarian cafe so they do serve meat. But because it's a "healthy" concept, there are generally more vegetables than meat in their normal serving.

They have a few vegan options.

I had the Falafel Bowl.

The falafel itself was a bit dry but mixed together with the rest of the ingredients, it was actually pretty tasty. I did feel quite full after eating this bowl.

In terms of price, I think it's a standard cafe price — RM18.

My friend had the Tempeh Bowl.

I tasted a bit of the tempeh which was marinated in sesame and it was juicy! I'd order this the next time I go there.

No soy option for Matcha milk drinks

We also ordered Matcha drinks — one was a Lemonade Matcha and the other a Caramel Matcha.

The latter had milk so it ended up being a Matcha Latte. Sadly, they don't have soy milk option.

The lemonade overpowered the matcha taste but it was a refreshing drink.

I remember it was raining at that time and I wished they had a hot matcha drink instead.

Oh and if you're super anti-plastic cups (as you and I should), remember to bring your own cup!

Nice place to do work

Kubis and Kale is located nearby Sunway University so I could see that most of their customers were students.

Well, at least I assume they were.

But I can understand why students like to hang out there.

The cafe had a spacious feel with plenty of tables. So you can get your creative juices flowing. I'm not sure if they provide free wifi as I didn't check that. And instead of a hot matcha latte (which they didn't have) you could opt for hot coffee instead.