Kanching Waterfall: My Last Hike Before Lockdown

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The partial lockdown in Malaysia made me appreciate more of the two things that nourish me:

  1. Hiking in a forest

  2. Dancing with friends

Those two are my favourite activities and often they are done separately.

However, just a day before the government of Malaysia announced the partial lockdown, I got to experience hiking and dancing at the same time and place — Kanching Waterfall.

The Hike At Kanching Waterfall Before Lockdown

On 15 March 2020, three of my friends and I went on an adventure.

We had been looking forward to this for a few weeks before this day. It was a small group because we just wanted to initiate this and see how realistic this would be. We did invite a few more people but they couldn’t make it.

Next time, we would invite more people to join us.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. We arrived at Kanching Waterfall at around 9 am. There were quite a lot of cars at that time. We thought that maybe people had been speculating about the lockdown and wanted to get the most of the outdoors before things change.

I, for one, was glad that we decided to hike that day.

The last time I went to Kanching Falls was more than a year ago with my vegan friends. I had forgotten how steep the climb was. The stairs were the most painful part. I prefer climbing uneven rocks on soil rather than elevated steps.

The nice thing about hiking at Kanching is that you could hear and see the waterfalls throughout the climb.

Eventually, we reached the very top, or as top as we could go, where the water was calm before sloshing downwards.

The hike up could be done in 30-45 minutes depending on how fit you are. But we took our sweet time (I was slowing the group down) and took an hour to reach the top.

We sat up there for a while, absorbing the calmness while waiting for most of the people to leave the pool spot a level below.

kanching waterfall

Our Last Dance In Nature Together

When we saw that the pool area cleared, we made our way down one level.

I was the only one who went into the cold water. The others just didn’t want to bathe. So I swam with fishes and let the waterfall massage my back.

After the cooling dip, I snacked on my overnight oats and papaya.

Then, we put on some music using one of my friend’s portable speaker and danced.

The music was played over the rush of the waterfall. It’s an interesting experience compared to dancing in the studio. I think it’s a good way to train our ears to listen to the sounds more attentively.

I felt so alive, so full of positive energy supplied by nature.

Will We Dance In Nature Again After Lockdown?

I would definitely want to experience this again with my dance friends.

It’s refreshing, healing and rejuvenating.

We dancers always talk about getting energy from around us when we dance. I think that nature supplies the best form of energy that a dancer can cultivate from if they are willing to accept.

kanching waterfall
kanching waterfall