Almost Ideal vs Realistic Day In My Life Of Ramadan Lockdown

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This video was almost an ideal day in Ramadan.

I say almost because I don’t believe there can be an ideal day, except hypothetically.

I was only keen on getting up for sahoor during the first and second weeks, after which I have been struggling. Or rather I stopped forcing myself to wake up super early. This may mean I’m not getting the barakah of the last ten days but I hope that my midnight prayers are nevertheless noted.

The Almost Ideal Day


Wake up, wash my face, prepare breakfast (usually oats and bananas). I don’t go on social media at this time so I read a novel.


Fajr prayer and meditation.


I’d either take a 30-45-minute nap or lie in bed and listen to a podcast. I’d then get up, freshen up and do a bit of stretching.


Journal and begin writing work.


Check social media and reply to messages.


I may take a one-hour nap at this time. Or just chill, read a book or learn something new.


Another round of focused work. I usually don’t write at this time but I’d do some research and editing at this time.


I get my ass up to pray Zuhr and wait for Asr prayer as well. Yes, I’m that kind of person. While waiting, I’d read some verses of the Quran, usually the recommended daily verse on the Muslim Pro app. I’d make sure to read the translation as well.


This is my exercise and dance time.


I take a shower and maybe slot in some German lessons on Duolingo.


Prepare food for iftar. If there are leftovers, I’d use this time to scroll more on social media and/or post something. I may also just to whatever the heck I want that’s not work related. Chilling basically.


Iftar time! My housemate and I have been eating together for most nights and I’ve been enjoying our little conversations.


This is the time I rush my unfinished work I slacked off during the day. I’d also plan out the next day and write down draft points for ideas that would spring to mind.



Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

An Alternative (More Realistic) Day

It’s not much different than the Almost Ideal Day except for the early morning and night times. The ‘working hours’ are the same.

Let’s start from midnight.


Sahoor / supper time. I’d eat again a few hours after dinner and drink lots of water.




I wake up just before the Fajr prayer time ends. Yes, I’m that kind of person.


I can’t fall back to sleep again within an hour of waking up so I’d listen to a podcast. And pretty much the rest of the day is similar to the Almost Ideal Day.


Succumbing to Distractions

I’m not perfect and I’m still trying my damnedest to lock my systems in place.

So I often get distracted, mostly by social media and YouTube. This would mean that my work gets dragged for longer and my writing flow often gets interrupted.

I’ve recognised this and I’m rectifying it as I write now.

But hey, this is what Ramadan is (partly) for. A time of reflection and reassessment. I hope to come out of this a better person.

Featured Photo by Michel Paz on Unsplash