How to Organise a Vegan Hike

One of the highlights of my December was going on a hike up Kanching Falls. If you’re planning to organise one soon, this post might help you!

But first, let me explain something.

Why is it called a ‘vegan hike’?

To be honest, it’s just a normal hike with a small group of people. The only distinguishing factor is that all of the people were vegan and we brought only vegan food (duh).

Must it only include people who are vegans?

The purpose of the hike was mainly to gather a group of us with similar interests or standpoint and have a vegan picnic. So it’s really open to anyone, regardless of their identity, who is interested in the vegan lifestyle, or just want to know how it’s like to be in the company of (fit) vegans and eating simple vegan food.


Nothing would’ve happened if we didn’t make this happen.

Although the time between intention and action may vary, it will happen somehow. At least for me, I had been wanting for this hike to happen for months. I didn’t make it happen and no one else took the initiative. Simple as that. A lot of factors went in to play preventing any of us to organise one sooner, mainly being busy with work.

But December came and it was the time of year where almost everyone could afford to take days off. So I thought that it was then or never!

During the World Vegan Day Malaysia event, I brought up the topic with Azlan and Aina of Kelava. I knew they love hiking and have had quite a lot of experience so I thought I’d plan something with them. They were on board with the idea from the get-go and so I offered to organise provided they settle the logistics and be the hiking guides.


The Kelava couple advised me to set a date (or two) instead of creating a poll to let people choose their availability. That way, the process would be much easier.

Yes, it may seem like the organisers are dictating everything but hey, isn’t that what organisers do?

So I decided on the days after Christmas, initially either the 26th or 27th. Once Aina and Azlan said that their calendars were free, I started approaching people who have expressed interest to us before.

The main date was 26th but due to it being a day after Christmas, we thought of giving the option of 27th in case anyone would like to spend more time with families or that they wouldn’t like hiking with a hangover (lol, jk).

All but one were okay with any of the dates so in the interest of fairness, I finalised upon the 27th.


Once I’ve got the people on board, I created a whatsapp group a week before the hike.

There were initially 8 of us, but two dropped out and one was invited but had to drop out a couple of days before the hike. In the end it was 7 of us (additional one being Davina’s husband).

Azlan suggested a few places but recommended Sg Chiling so we all went with that. We really didn’t mind where as long as it’s still within an hour-ish of Kuala Lumpur and that there’s a waterfall.

This meant that the date of the hike had to be changed as Sg Chiling is only opened Friday to Sunday. Finally, we agreed upon the 28th (Friday).


The day before the hike, Aina kindly texted us a list of important things to bring such as:

  1. Small backpack/waterproof bag

  2. Breakfast and water

  3. Water/river shoes i.e. shoes you don’t mind getting wet in

  4. Change of clothes

  5. Towel

I got my mum’s Ridgeway backpack in which I packed two bottles of water, a bag of mandarin oranges, small towel, charger, power bank, phone, camera and other minor essential items.

I almost couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I was slightly anxious that perhaps more would back out last minute or it would be raining heavily.

Luckily, neither of those happened and I manage to wake up at 6.30am on hike day.


I set my alarm to 6am. Well, technically multiple alarms ranging from a quarter to and a quarter past six.

But somehow my ears decided to turn deaf and disregard each ring of the alarm. I kind of expected this as I slept late due to dance class at night. Thankfully, I woke up just half an hour before Suba came to pick me up. Phewh!

To read more about my journey hiking up Kanching Falls, dipping in the cool pool and enjoying vegan food, click here!

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