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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I don’t know about you but living too long in cities even with trees lining the streets drains my soul out. I need the full nature immersion.

One of my goals for this year is to go hiking in the forest or a stroll at a botanical garden at least once a month. So far I’ve been keeping to that.

JAN – Bukit Gasing hike on New Year’s Day with the Kelava couple

FEB – Perdana Botanical Gardens stroll with my bestie

MAR – Gerehang Waterfall hike with the RASMA gang

Preface: Roots & Shoots Malaysia Environmental NGO

Last year, I was a part of Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award (RASMA) and now I’m the alumni of that program. You can read all about it and how I met Jane Goodall here.

Early in Feb, we gathered ourselves together as alumni to plan for some activities for ourselves so that we get to know each other better. The thing is, during the program, not all of us had the chance to spend time together as we were placed at different NGOs for volunteering activities.

I was with Roots & Shoots Malaysia helping out with their social media and blog content.

The rest were spread over 15 other NGOs. All 40-ish of us met together only twice — the first event was at a Google workshop, and the second at the awards ceremony where we met Jane Goodall.

And so I guess the core team of R&S felt that we should rectify our lack of togetherness and do some team building activities. I totally agree with this and thankfully we are making it happen.

A Hidden Waterfall That Not Many Go To

We are all nature lovers so it wasn’t surprising that during the alumni meeting in Feb we all unanimously agreed to go on a waterfall hike.

Peter suggested this waterfall in Tanjung Malim as it’s pretty secluded and not crowded. It’s only about 1-1.5 hours drive from KL so it’s not that far away.

We rented a van to take all 10 of us which stopped at this place called Deltar Outdoors in Behrang Ulu. We then waited for our hiking guide, Arif, to take us up on a 4-wheel drive before continuing on foot.

Find out more about Delta Outdoors MY here.

I was grateful that it was dry. Otherwise, there would have been more leeches than we had encountered (which was about 3). Regardless, I covered myself well enough with long socks and tights as protection from the blood-sucking creatures. But I’m not sure how I’d fare if there were more.

The trek on foot was about 30-45 minutes towards the waterfall. It was a pretty easy hike with not many steep inclines. I didn’t feel out of breath as much as hiking up Bukit Gasing so I took that as it being an easy hike or the fact that my stamina has improved.

Anyhow, it was good to be back in the forest with fresh oxygen and soothing sounds of not only the insects and rustling leaves, but also running water.

The waterfall greeted us in splashing wonderment.

I put my bag down, stepped on a steady rock and stared at the majesty in front of me for a good 2 minutes. I was home.

gerehang waterfall

gerehang waterfall

Of Food, Leisurely Swim and Good Company

We spread out our food on the uneven and rocky surface as best we could and stuffed our faces.

I didn’t bother to take pictures of the food because I didn’t want to touch my phone and I didn’t bring my camera. All of the photos were either by Peter, Ryan or some others’ iPhones.

But in terms of (vegan) food, we brought tortilla chips, hummus, bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, raisins and papaya.

Honestly, you don’t really need as much food as you’d think when on a hike. Snacks like chips and hummus are great and hydrating fruits like papaya would suffice. If you need the extra carbs then sandwich will do, but more than that I think wouldn’t be necessary.

In between eating, we also swam in the pool and let the rush of the fall hit our heads and backs. That was therapy in itself.

I even took the liberty of sitting in the water between two sets of waterfalls and meditated for at least a good 5 minutes!

gerehang waterfall

There was another set of waterfalls a few feet below and also about 100 meters above. So we also hiked up a bit more (without our belongings) to the one above. We spent half an hour there in the super cold waters and tried to slide off the slippery rocks to no avail — they weren’t as slippery as we initially thought.

We then went back to our main spot to finish our food and take a last dip before heading back down.

gerehang waterfall

5/5 Would Recommend for KL People Who Want to Get Away From the City

If you live in KL and would like to spend time in nature and waterfalls, you could easily go to Kanching Waterfall. But that’s still within KL and it can get a bit crowded there unless you hike further up which can be a bit difficult.

But if you’d like some peace and isolation that’s not too far away from KL then Gerehang Waterfall could be an option.

You’d need an experienced guide if you’re not familiar with the area so you’d need to spend some money for the service. For Kanching, you’d only need to pay for parking and you could go up on your own or with a group of friends as it’s not as complicated.

In terms of leeches, I did see a few in Gerehang and I think there could be more if it was raining the night before. So just put on leech socks or long socks for the bare minimum protection if you’re allergic or feel yucky towards them.

But as anywhere in a forest, be sure to:

  1. respect the area by not littering and making too much noise.

  2. expect insects like ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, stingless bees (there were many in Gerehang!).

  3. assume that there are leeches in any forest so protect yourself if you’re allergic or geli (wear tights and long socks).

  4. be in the moment and appreciate the beauty around you!