Founder of Sala Vegan Restaurant Interview on BFM89.9

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It’s always amazing to know when your friends are getting the recognition they deserve.

And it’s even more heartwarming to know that they are speaking up for worthwhile causes.

Recently, the founder of Sala, a Tex-Mex vegan restaurant in Kuala Lumpur was interviewed by BFM89.9 which is an independent radio station in Malaysia. I finally got around to listen to it and I think you should spare some time to do so too.

You’ll get to know about Fauzi’s journey towards a vegan lifestyle, learn what “Sala” means, discover how a vegan diet is generally affordable but can be expensive depending on your choices, and find out whether local traditional dishes can be veganized.

Listen to the interview now:

Give Sala a follow on Instagram and Facebook! If you’re keen to work with them in any way, please do contact them. I for one wish that philanthropic investors could help them out to branch out to various locations in Malaysia. More people need to know how amazing vegan food taste like and what good impact a plant-based diet can have on their lives.

Here I leave you with this delicious picture of Sala’s famous peanut butter brownie with Kelava ice cream on top!