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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Try not to deny this: when you think about ‘zero waste’, you think about something that’s clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Am I right, or am I right?

With the world bound to go berserk within the next 12 years, the oceans already filled with trash and we still can’t control our compulsive consumer habits, is the idea of a cleaner and almost perfect lifestyle actually attainable?

Well, The Hive Bulk Foods is here to show that a Zero Waste Lifestyle is practical and achievable whatever your circumstances are.

claire, the hive bulk store's boss
claire, the woman running the hive

I got given the opportunity (thank you, Claire!) to attend the official launch of The Hive’s second branch in Ampang, and I must say I was impressed. It’s quite a contrast from their first humble branch in Bangsar which opened 3 years ago.

As you enter the new store, you’re immediately enveloped by this warm, welcoming sensation thanks to the cheery, yellow wall that holds the identity of The Hive. It’s not the kind of yellow that blinds you but more like a summer vibe that excites you. And you’d feel that anything is possible, including a zero waste lifestyle.

Take a look at this video and you’ll get what I mean 🙂

Food, Music and Soap Making

After admiring all the items at the store, which include coffee cups, menstrual cups, stainless steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, deodorant stick, and essential oils of all kinds, I started devouring the good-looking vegan cakes and cookies.

Big thanks to Nurun a.k.a. Mrs Longpants for baking the yummy vegan delights! My favourite was the Matcha Chocolate Cake (of course). I also adored the quiche; I think it was my first vegan quiche! I liked how they were all in bite-sized pieces. Rawsome also contributed their cute jars of chia pudding of various delicious flavours. Suffice to say I didn’t shy away from second (or maybe fifth) helpings. And I brought home some in my tupperwares (no shame!).

While enjoying the snacks, we were serenaded by the poet and musician duo – Arisha and Shaneil. It’s great that Claire encouraged us to support local talents who are passionate about what they do. They are working their damnest to make their voices heard amidst international influences. It’s bloody tough job so give them a follow, will you?

Another local talent of a different kind is Ruth who advocates for clean, natural, toxic-free lifestyle. She taught us to make our own soap or body wash using castile soap and coconut oil with a mix of essential oils. It’s super easy to make and it really felt good on my skin!

ruth conducting soap making workshop

Option to Shop Zero Waste

I realised that both of The Hive stores are located above a supermarket; the Bangsar branch is above 99 Speedmart whereas the Ampang branch is above Hock Choon Supermarket.

It might seem crazy to open a zero waste bulk store above a well-established supermarket, but I think it’s rather strategic. And I believe Claire, the owner of The Hive, did so on purpose. She has a bigger aim than just opening a zero waste store for the conscious community. Indeed, she intends to change the perception of whatever community there is and encourage everyone to make changes in their lifestyle.

With there being a zero waste supermarket, there is an option for people to choose packaged-free shopping instead of the conventional way. For the unconverted, it will make them think. They will wonder what’s that new store and how it’s possible for anyone to purchase anything without packaging. Then, hopefully, people will get accustomed to the idea and soon practice it.

I just wish that more zero waste stores open at every city and suburb so that it’s accessible to all. Either that or the current supermarkets start catering to the option of package-free, zero waste shopping.

me with claire and nurun

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