Eating Vegan Food At Restaurants After Lockdown New Normal | June 2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

For two months, I dutifully stayed at home, adhering to the rules of the partial lockdown here in Malaysia.

Shops and restaurants were closed anyway so there was really nowhere to go, except the supermarket.

But since Eid, restaurants gradually opened up and now as I write this, everything is back in operation but with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in place.

The SOPs include registering our info for contact tracing purposes, sanitizing our hands and practising physical distancing.

There’s no reason to be fearful

During the early days of the lockdown, it somehow made sense to practice rigorous distancing to trace those who were infected so as to prevent further spread.

Now that it’s under control, I personally don’t think it makes sense to keep us in. Plus, the virus is still around and there’s no vaccine. Our best defense against the virus is our own natural immunity.

That’s why I always remind people to “Stay Healthy” much more than to “Stay Safe”.

And if this is Mother Nature telling us to die because we’ve destroyed the Earth so much, so be it.

There’s really no point living in fear.

The best we can do is set up the contact tracing system, but even that might pose privacy issues that we may not know about.

So we just have to adjust to this new abnormal even if it means not enjoying the things we once did.

Still making my birthweek great

Despite this pandemic, I was determined to enjoy my birthday and the whole week.

Thankfully, the movement restriction order had loosened and certain parks and restaurants were opened.

So I got to spend time in nature with my best friend on my birthday.

I also got to eat at quite a few restaurants with my family and friends. So I’d like to share with you on here the amazing vegan meals I had on my birthweek!

The Vegan Foods I Ate In One Week

Massive thanks to my beloved family and friends for treating me!

1. Chinese Style Mixed Rice @ Double Happiness Bowl

This restaurant used to be called “Juz Vegie” and I prefer this name better. They’re in the midst of rebranding in the hopes to attract more customers. In that sense, it may be a good move. But I’m glad their food are still more or less the same which includes my family’s favourite — sweet-sour mushroom. I’m glad that there’s a vegetarian (food are vegan but some drinks contain honey) restaurant near my parents’ house. My mum likes it for its cleanliness and that it’s owned by a Chinese Muslim.

2. Pasta Aglio Olio @ Ben’s Bangsar Shopping Centre

vegan pasta aglio olio
pasta aglio olio

I didn’t realise that they had reduced their food options. I saw on their website that they had Portobello mushroom burger. But they didn’t have that when I went there with my family. So I just had the classic aglio olio and salad. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t even have mushrooms on the pasta. Overpriced for sure.

3. Vegan Ice Cream @ KindKones, Bangsar

Being a member, I got a birthday deal of buy 1 free 1. I also found out that I had some credits to spend. So I indulged myself with two flavours of ice cream — Black Forest and Almond Brittle Fudge. YUMMY!

4. Banana Leaf Rice @ Nirwana, Subang Jaya

vegan banana leaf rice nirwana

banana leaf rice

This was after the nature immersion at the Lake Gardens. I really did miss eating banana leaf rice and so this satisfied my craving. I was so happy that they had the fried bitter gourd as well!

5. Fried Mushrooms & Teriyaki Tofu @ LeFood, Subang Jaya

I got to spend time with my dear friend Dalila here and it was a nice catchup session after so long not seeing each other. Each time I come here, I’d always order the fried mushroom platter to share. This time, I also ordered the Teriyaki Tofu bowl and it was delicious! It could be better if it was more saucy but I was happy with the portion.

Be comfortable with ordering vegan options at non-vegan restaurants

Honestly, it’s really not that difficult to order vegan options and since there are not many purely vegan restaurants around just yet, it’s something we need to get used to.

But of course, make sure you know what the restaurant already has on the menu. If it doesn’t have that many vegan options to your liking, just don’t go there. Simple as that.

And if you explain to your family and friends clearly about your dietary needs and/or lifestyle stance, I’m sure those who care would understand and respect your choice.