Eating Animals in Lifelong Lockdown Makes Us Sick [VIDEO]

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I’ve been reading articles about the source of coronavirus.

And they all point to wildlife markets and animal farms.

Activities involving animals which humans have been exploiting.

It doesn’t seem to register in our collective consciousness that breeding, handling, dealing and eating animals are causing zoonotic viruses to be infected in humans. They call it the spillover.

This close contact is not because we humans are living in harmony with the animals in pristine nature.


It’s because we’ve been breeding animals for our own personal gains.

In this video, I talked more about why the Chinese culture, in this case, is obsessed with wildlife trade.

It mainly comes down to the cultural belief that animal parts can cure the human body of certain ailments or increase potency. This has no scientific basis yet tradition and culture prevail.

Why aren’t more people taking this seriously?

Surely the sensible course of action is to ban wildlife trade and halt animal factory farming, which would mean eliminating meat consumption.

But no.

Humans still love their meat.

They still value taste over morality and public health no matter how well they stay put in their house.

They’re forgetting that our exploitation of the animals is what causes the virus to spill over to humans in the first place.

Instead, they blame the governments, the businesses, the capitalists without first looking in the mirror or at their plates.


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