Durian Buffet SS2 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | VLOG

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Malaysia is blessed with great weather and soil for the growth of tropical fruits, one of them being the King of Fruits a.k.a Durian!

In a span of 2 weeks, I went for 2 durian buffets.


I waded through heavy traffic from work on a Thursday evening. Talk about dedication!

This has better be worth it, I thought. I hoped that skipping my usual dance class wasn’t for nothing.

I arrived at Durian SS2.

The wonderfully sweet smell of durian welcomed me, along with four sets of bright smiley faces.

Before I could get my hands dirty, I had to pay RM28 (~$7) for the buffet of D24 and XO durian varieties. They were having a Chinese New Year promotion that day so it was cheaper than their usual price of RM40.

So I’m glad that I went there when it was cheap.

I tasted my first durian of the year.

It was heavenly.


With a different group of friends who wanted durian so badly and was so kind as to invite me, I obliged to another round of the buffet.

It was at a different durian stall but still in the same area as the first one I went to. The reason we didn’t go to Durian SS2 was that the promotion had ended and it was back to normal price.

We found another stall, DKing, which offered RM35.

Good enough for me!

What I didn’t do at the first buffet was counting how many durian pods I ate. Not wanting to repeat my mistake, I made sure that I (and my friends) counted the pods.

Sadly, I couldn’t stomach more than 22 pods. I thought I could do more. Having lunch that day might have put my appetite off. I did feel awfully bloated by the end and I could barely walk. Regardless, I did not regret it.

I know a friend who ate 48 pods. She’s mental.

If I don’t compare my feat to hers, I think the amount of durian I ate was quite a lot by normal standards. So I’m quite happy with it.

I just hope 22 pods were worth my money.

Here’s a new vlog!

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