Do Something That Sparks Change | #MondayMoves

Those of you who follow my IG stories would probably have seen me in dance class doing some cool moves.

I’ve committed to going to classes 3x a week since last August.

But trust me, I used to not be so active.

And by default, I’d much rather laze around and binge watch Riverdale.

But I know that succumbing to the sedentary lifestyle would only lead to suffering in the long run. Plus it’s not a productive way to spend this one life that I have.

Yes, it’s good to chill when you need to but doing that all the time is akin to an unproductive addiction.

I believe that a human being is meant to move, to do something. If we stay stagnant, we would not feel great, and we would not be at our best to help ourselves as well as others.

So today, I’d encourage you to do some #MondayMoves that you enjoy or that would spark a small but significant change in your life or the lives of those around you.

Today’s #MondayMoves inspiration:

  1. Dance like no one’s watching

  2. Pick up any litter that you see

  3. Go for a jog at the nearest park

  4. Hold the door for someone (*cue Hodor)

  5. Eat a veg meal (and save one animal)

Remember, the point is to do something that would spark change, be it for you or for others.

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