Borneo Jungle Fruits and Meeting Mewsum the Raw Vegan Fruitarian

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I was hit with two realisations last weekend:

  1. There are so many more delicious fruits unbeknownst to me.

  2. One can still be jacked as f*ck being a raw vegan fruitarian.

Being so comfortable in our little bubble, we tend to forget how big the world is and how many interesting people we have yet to meet. That’s why I’m always grateful for opportunities to meet new people who bring in something new to the table.

In this case, quite literally.

Mewsum flew all the way from Brunei and brought a few unique types of jungle fruits. I say unique because I’ve never seen nor tasted them before. This made me realise how much I’m missing out on so much more of what nature has to offer and I feel like packing my essentials to go on a backpacking trip to Borneo.

Anyone keen to join me? :p

This event was basically a demonstration and talk about how to consume more fruits (hint: juicing). Mewsum does this kind of talks to show her wholesome fruitarian lifestyle and to promote her special BPA-free juicer and blender that she herself designed! It’s cheaper than Kuvings and apparently more efficient and non-toxic.

Check the juicer in action in this video and prepare for some Durian fangirling!

You can see how physically toned Mewsum is and one can’t help but wonder how she gets her protein being a raw vegan fruitarian. Well, her answer was that she eats lots of fruits and with 20% of herbs in her juices. She does eat some leafy green vegetables but only a minimum amount.

So she’s living proof that not only you can still get protein if you don’t eat meat, but you can also get protein on a fruitarian diet!

It also makes us think about our obsession with protein. Maybe we don’t need as much protein as we thought. Maybe we should not be so afraid of carbohydrates and fibre.

I would like to try a fruitarian diet but I know I’d need to a) invest in a juicer, b) switch my lifestyle a bit and c) be really consistent and disciplined with eating a variety of fruits.

Perhaps one day I shall try.

Right now, I’m just happy not contributing to the suffering of animals and knowing that I’ve somewhat reduced my carbon footprint.

If you’re keen to get ahead of me and want to begin your juicing journey, I’d recommend that you invest in Raw Food Asia juicer. Contact Mewsum via Instagram or Facebook for more info!

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