Be Lost to Be Found

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

From what I’ve learned and experienced, this world is meant to be full of distraction, injustice and challenges.

Society pretty much shaped our initial view of the world.

The school system didn’t really teach us how to think.

Advertising wants us to buy more stuff and eat more meat.

Media is showing us what they want us to see not what is true.

Politicians may feed us lies and propaganda to cater to their ideologies.


Realising this, one does wonder, whom can we trust?

If we look at history, peace and prosperity are short-lived. They run in cycles with destruction and desolation, which are also temporary.

Why is this so?

To be honest, I don’t really know. God is God and he does whatever he wants.

At the same time, I can understand why many don’t believe in God — why would God create such cruelty in this world?

(But then again, why wouldn’t he? He’s God.)

From my limited knowledge, we have the freedom to choose, even if we live in a society that seems to control our freedom. you either succumb and submit to it or you find a different way.

Right now, I just feel like submitting—to just give up.

Why should I fight against the climate crisis if no one cares?

Why should I stand with the oppressed people if politicians continue their corruption?

Why should I be an activist for the animals when people are still going to demand for meat?


You may say that I shouldn’t lose hope.

There are people fighting for the same causes that you and I believe in. It’s just that either they are smaller in number than the exploiters or that they don’t hold much power, or both—sadly.

But at the same time, take care of ourselves.

You don’t have to fight for every war there is in the world. You have to choose your battle. Choose the one that’s most meaningful to you and that’s closest to you geographically.

I am concerned about the climate crisis, as well as forest destruction, plastic pollution, racism, speciesism, political & economic instability, scientific ignorance, social injustice and spiritual disconnection.

I care too much, but I am doing so little.

So which battle should I be in? Which weapon(s) should I sharpen?

I still don’t have a solid answer. But I know that I’m going towards the finance and environment route.

But I don’t mind being lost for a bit at the moment. Because by being lost, I can be found.