B Twelve: Vegan-friendly Cafe | Kuantan, Malaysia

Tucked comfortably in a new building along the street Lorong Air Putih 2 in Kuantan is a modern vegetarian café called b.twelve café.

I was searching for a vegan-friendly cafe whilst in Kuantan in December. I searched on the apps HappyCow and GoVeggieMalaysia. Referring to not one but two apps is the researcher part of me showing up. One needs at least another source of info to validate the available data.

A Note on Vegetarian Cafes in Kuantan

In Kuantan, there are lots of vegetarian cafes, as there are in all parts of Malaysia.

Vegetarians are mostly dominated by the Chinese Buddhist community and so you can find them literally everywhere. The dishes would mostly be the zhap fan economy-rice style of food—rice and veg.

If one is not Chinese or Buddhist one may feel a bit reserved going into such cafes. It could be because they don't speak their language, that they feel intimidated by the mere fact that it's Chinese (which is ridiculous in my opinion), or that they know they would be silently judged by the people in the cafe just because they look different (which I also think is utterly ridiculous).

I have been into Chinese zhap fan cafes and whilst I'm not intimidated to go in, I couldn't help but notice that people did stare. But I guess anyone would stare if something is odd and then they would get over it.


My brother, mum and I decided on b.twelve cafe in Kuantan because my mum's particular about the cleanliness and ambience. So to respect her decision, and also that frankly, I'd also much prefer a modern cafe at that time because we were dressed up for a wedding, we went to b.twelve.

Vegan Food at b.twelve cafe

They have quite a number of vegan options with a good mix of western and local types so I was rather pleased. The price is rather affordable but I think generally, food prices in Kuantan is cheaper than that in Kuala Lumpur. It's almost always the case where everything is cheaper in all states except KL and Selangor.

Oh and in case you're wondering why it's called b.twelve, it's simply the shop lot number.

(Though it could also be a reminder to take your B12!)


Whenever I read "pesto" I'm always rather skeptical. But I was assured that it's vegan and doesn't contain dairy. If it actually did then this would be one of my few woopsies. But I can't deny that it was tasty.


My mum ordered this. I had a bite and it was also yummy. I mean, I don't think you can go very wrong with pasta. But this pasta was very right because it had lots of veges including sweet corn, olives and capsicum unlike most other aglio olios out there.

My brother ordered a vegetarian nasi lemak. The only thing non-vegan is the sunny side up egg. If I were to order this, I would request to omit the egg and add on extra mock meat curry.


We also ordered this to share and it was just such a good pairing with pasta.


This was utterly refreshing!

Make Plant-Based Food Mainstream

Vegan food is slow to catch up in places outside of big cities in Malaysia. But I'm grateful that you can still find vegan food in even the most underrated places.

I'd like to think that anywhere I go, I can always modify the food to become vegan — indeed, I have never starved or had to force myself to eat non-vegan food whenever I travel.


Because plant foods are abundant.

Sure, you may not get the vegan burgers or nasi lemak but you can still get the very basic of rice, leafy veg and tofu.