6 Simple Vegan Breakfast Foods

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I got inspired to make this straight-to-the-point post from the Vegan Hike I went to.

My friends and I brought along our breakfasts. They were simple foods that — let’s be honest — we all tend to eat almost every day.


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Sometimes when I don’t feel as hungry, I’d just eat some fruits, usually banana and papaya, and they can keep me full til lunch.

Ahhh the good ol’ hydrating plant foods!

If you’re a busy bee, blend a good mix into a smoothie and hey, presto! You can bring it along on your morning commute.

Oh and if you’re going on a hike, I’d highly encourage you to bring fruits than anything else. Energy and hydration all in one natural beauty!


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Heat it with water or prepare it overnight with plant mylk and you’ll get a slow-releasing bowl of carbs.

Make it taste more interesting by adding maple syrup, bananas and/or berries, nuts, raisins and (my favourite) cacao nibs or a piece of dark chocolate.


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If you’ve made your own, your future self is thanking you.

If you’ve bought them from the supermarket, you’re a lazy ass.

Either way, biscuits are breakfast cheats. They’re not a real breakfast, though some might argue otherwise. But they’re definitely for the times when you just don’t want to give a damn.


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I’m 100% a PB & J kind of girl.

It’s not the healthiest but it does the job of giving me enough energy to survive til lunch.

It also means I’m lazy to prepare oatmeal.

Pastry on the other hand is a luxury. But I grouped bread & pastry together because they’re basically cousins.

Davina brought a Danish pastry to the hike. Even that sounds expensive.

So I don’t usually have pastry but if you live in France, lucky you. I imagine you can always have it every morning!

Gosh, I miss pain au chocolat.


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I know I said ‘simple breakfasts’ and you might think pancakes are not that simple.

You’re right. I cheated.

It takes a bit more time to mix the batter and fry it on a pan compared to toasting bread.

But if you’ve got the hang of it, it is actually pretty simple.

At the very least, eating it is simple-y delicious! heh


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Here in Malaysia, you can easily go to your nearest mamak and order tosai or chapati, which are vegan by default and get it served within 5 minutes.

You wouldn’t have to do anything.

Well, except driving or walking to said mamak.

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