5 Must Try Foods at Sala Vegan Restaurant KL

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

SALA is an acronym for salvar a los animales which means ‘save all animals’ in Spanish.

Living true to their name, Sala is saving all animals by not serving any on their plates.

It’s basically a vegan version of Chipotle.

I faintly remember the first few times that I visited the restaurant in 2017. The aroma of freshly fried falafel mixed with pop latin fusion (mainly Despacito) filled the air.

There’s a homely vibe to Sala with its minimal and slightly grunge interior.

Perhaps it’s the friendly servers.

Perhaps it’s the superbly delicious food which makes you keep coming back that you may as well bring a suitcase along and camp there.

Speaking of their delicious food, here are 5 foods for you to order next time you’re at Sala.


burrito wrap

burrito wrap

A classic. It’s not a tex-mex restaurant without a good burrito wrap filled with rice, beans, your choice of protein (e.g. mushroom and tempeh), vegetables and sauce.

I like that it’s such a generous serving and totally worth the price (RM22).

They have also changed from tin foil wrap (as pictured) to paper wrap.

If you’re not really hungry or don’t have such a large appetite, make sure you either have someone to share it with or bring a container to take away.




Level up from burrito and you get this heavenly plate of chimichanga.

The filling is largely similar to that of burrito. What’s different is that instead of a paper wrap, it’s smothered in vegan mayonnaise, tomato sauce and vegan cheese sauce.

Eat this for lunch and it can sustain you through dinner.

This is hands down my favourite meal at Sala.


nasi lemak sambal tempeh mushroom rendang

nasi lemak with sambal tempeh and mushroom rendang

A Malaysian classic with a vegan twist.

Vegan restaurants here would attempt the Nasi Lemak and I guess they can’t really go wrong with it.

The differentiating factor would be the side dishes.

Sala’s sambal is spicy. I’d say this is a medium, but that’s because my tolerance to chilli is low.

The usual Nasi Lemak is served with tempeh, cucumber, peanuts and mushroom ‘ikan bilis’.

Sometimes they would have a special Nasi Lemak i.e. they add a dish like mushroom rendang (as pictured). The rendang, though delicious in its own unique way, didn’t quite match up to the original rendang taste.

Also, I think they should add more cucumbers to even out the spicyness. But perhaps they’re emulating the typical Malaysian Nasi Lemak style that usually serves 2 slices of cucumber, which I’ve always thought to be so stingy!


peanut butter brownie cherry brownie ice cream

peanut butter brownie with cherry brownie ice cream

Sala’s brownies are the bomb dot com!

My favourite is the thick peanut butter brownie. Some people wouldn’t like it because of the richness of both texture and taste, but I love it.

I usually have it with a scoop of Kelava ice cream. Matcha is my favourite but recently I discovered that their new flavour, Cherry Brownie, goes really well with the brownie.

Yes, double the brownie, double the yummy!


vegan orange cake

orange cake

I thought that this would be like any other orange cake but it surprised me. I liked that the cake’s moist and the tangy orange taste stood out. And I think the sweetness of the icing complements the orange zest.

If you can’t tolerate sweet desserts as much, make sure you have someone to share it with as the icing is quite sweet.

tres leches cake matcha ice cream

tres leches with matcha ice cream

Another cake that I had a while back is tres leches.

If you think the icing on the orange cake is sweet, this would kill your taste buds. The icing on this one was much, much sweeter than that on the orange cake.

I guess you can tell by now that Sala’s food is not for the weak buds!

I’m not sure if they still make tres leches from time to time. Despite my rather weird first taste of it (it was my first time eating a tres leches cake) I’d like to eat it again and see if my second experience would be any different!


If you prefer a rich, intense, flavourful experience, you would love Sala.

You definitely won’t leave Sala without a happy tummy, and you’ll probably get a food coma — one where I would not mind the least!

Sala is located in Galeria Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. Visit their Facebook or Instagram page for more info. This post is not sponsored.

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