What I'm Doing Now

This blog

I'm planning more content for my blog and IG account. I was on a bit of a hiatus but now I've got myself together and ready to share more!

Paid Promotion

I'm working with Nestle to promote their plant-based range, Harvest Gourmet. The posts will be up on IG within the next month. And so I'm not available to do paid promotion at the moment.


I'm currently writing for two clients and getting a steady income from it. I'm also trying to write more on Medium about freelancing, finance, writing and other lifestyle topics to show my credibility in those topics and also hope to make this another source of income. In short, I'm still loving this freelance life. I feel blessed.


Because of the current lockdown, there are no dance classes. I've not been dancing as much because I'm focusing more on writing and content creation. But two of my friends and I are starting a podcast about dance! Will update!

Project YUFE

I'm now part of an environmental youth group helping them out on social media content creation. I'm excited to learn and grow with the team!

Updated 30th May 2021 from Shah Alam, Malaysia